– ACT I –




On the dawn of the twenty-third century the humans had extracted almost every resource out of their solar system. Earth was a barren, disease-infested wasteland and the species lived in cities that stretched far and wide across the skies. The fight for survival had declared a time of peace, but in that time of peace the species was overpopulating at an incredible rate. Something had to be done quickly to prevent their impending extinction.


Just then a miracle happened; they discovered a solar system within their own galaxy that was far greater than their own. It was a binary star system hidden behind a planetary nebula that contained partial, essential atmospheres to support human life spanning across seven worlds and twenty-some moons.


With its many worlds covered in beautiful landscapes and undisturbed wilderness they decided to call the system Eden. They saw it as a promised land, a new beginning. Within the span of a few decades they took everything they could carry on their backs leaving Earth, and everything they had known, in the pursuit of a new age of prosperity. The Golden Age of Discovery had begun.


The thousand-year trip rose concerns as a virus began spreading amongst the species shortly after their departure. The pandemic was an unexpected side effect of strange radiation emanating from the cosmos that directly attacked human DNA. In a valiant effort to find a cure a group of specialists created what is now known as the Alpha Genome. This genetically engineered cure was designed to rapidly regenerate the human genetic code, which produced incredible results.


The seemingly divine creation replaced all previous forms of medical treatment. While it rendered disease and disabilities nonexistent, it brought the human race a quality they could only dream of: ever-lasting life. The genome, if received annually, would constantly recycle and regenerate every single cell in the human body, while eliminating harmful toxins and maintaining vital functions. But flesh would still tear, and billions of lives were taken as the species fought over their rightful lands in their newfound home, and in their pursuit for a complete form of immortality.


Upon the resolution of the great interstellar war, and upon reaching their destination in the vast solar system of Eden, the species was then divided into four separate factions to satisfy the different views and opinions of order and society.


The GDR (Galactic Democratic Republic) and the Kingdom of Salaras made up a majority of the species and split 80 percent of the habitable solar system between themselves. The Raydenite race took the fringe sector, which lay on the inner rim of the system and was considered to be the home of criminals, addicts, and degenerates. The final faction made its home on the largest planet of the system, the ocean planet of Remora. It consisted of entertainers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and leading innovators of the human race.


Over the years in their new home of Eden a new divide was created between the two most prevalent civilizations in the solar system. In an effort to keep the peace the Professional Gravityball League was created. As opposed to destroying entire civilizations once again, the species’ lust for violence and retribution was transferred to sport. Peace was maintained. With their soldiers waging war in sport. The thirst was quenched and each of the separate nations began to flourish like the species had never witnessed before. The Age of Tranquility had begun.


This age of peace would last over one thousand years, until the last king in the bloodline of the Salaran Dynasty would take the throne. He was a king from Earth who had been in coldsleep for one thousand years, and his wrath would end this age in an effort to begin another.


Our story begins with Raydenite gravball star Collin King, in the capital of their great civilization, and after the last game of gravball he would ever play.

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