Chapter 4 – Ascension (1 of 4)



{>-Legate Ivan Lennin-<}

-Surface of Minerva-


            Ivan quickly received a genome shot, and soon the agonizing state he found himself in ceased to be. He tried to remain alert to his surroundings, as the medics were doing what they could to stop the bleeding. But Arcoh himself had a far different agenda than worrying about his newly disfigured military commander.

Arcoh’s transport had flown onto a large plateau outside the smoldering remains where Rayden One had collided with the earth. The airship stopped near a very large bunker in the ground whose blast doors contained a hangar capable of housing an entire fleet of ships, and Arcoh had used this to his full advantage.


Ivan moved slowly to the exit of the airship and looked over at Arcoh, who had summoned one of his generals over to him.

“I want you to trace the source of the gravity tug! Find out who that bastard was, and retrieve Mr. King immediately!”

“We have traced them, Your Eminence. There is a fleet of Remoran warships several hundred kilometers between us and Rayden.”

Arcoh looked at his general in disbelief and began to laugh hysterically.

“Ha! You can’t be serious? We’re being attacked by monks! Those recluses?”


The Remorans were the first colonists to arrive in Eden. Their culture and society were shrouded in mystery; so when Arcoh learned that they had amassed an entire fleet, he could do nothing but scoff and think little of them. However, they were not at all what they seemed.

“Seriously though? The Remorans?”

“Yes, Eminence, well not entirely. They are the protectorate fleet that live on moons of Remora. Led by a seasoned commander formerly belonging to the GDR.”

“I don’t care who they are, where they are from, or what their intentions are. They are disrupting the kingdom’s operations and they must be dealt with accordingly! I brought you in for a reason. Take care of it!”

“Sire, their firepower is like nothing I have ever seen before. With our numbers we cannot stand against them. We need to think of an exit strategy.”

Ivan then broke his silence, infuriated at the decision Arcoh had made. “You sent away 90 percent of our fleet! I warned you of a counterattack, sir.”

“And I warned you of not having a light shield, Ivan! Now look at you, bleeding over the robes that I have bestowed upon you.”


The general shook Arcoh as he stared up into the blackened sky where the Remoran fleet could barely be seen through the thick layer of clouds. He gazed on angrily at the massive warships that were raining down artillery on the Salaran-occupied planet.

“Your Eminence, we have nowhere near enough firepower or men to withstand a full-scale invasion. We could stay, sir, and fight, and I would gladly stand by your side in the Hammer.”

Arcoh, being the coward he was had already made his decision. “No, tell the captain of the Hammer to charge shields at 100 percent. We are going to break through their blockade.”




            My ears were ringing and I was still hardly able to walk. My time spent in the suspension cell had greatly affected my motor skills. As a result I initially found it difficult to perform even the most basic of movements; it was a strange sensation to say the least.

We were moving so quickly, the surface of Minerva passed by us in mere seconds. Before I realized it we had entered a chamber aboard a Remoran star carrier. Virgil quickly wanted to head towards the bridge but before he could I dropped to my knees and vomited all over the floor. As I coughed up the little food I had in my stomach he ran over to me and helped me to my feet. “Yeah, I probably should have warned you. Grav tugs take some getting used to. Let it all out, kid.”

I coughed and gagged the rest out of my system and I started to notice my surroundings. I was kneeling over a glimmering panel with a transparent bottom. This was the gravity room where troops could be directly extracted from the surface in dire situations. The ceiling of the room was coated with a sleek material that glowed with a strange incandescent light that was fading away, the tractor beam generator.


“What is this place? Where are you taking me,” I asked.

“We’re aboard the Alexandria. The first starcarrier of her kind.”

“You’re with the GDR?”

“No, all of Eden stood idly by and watched in horror as the Raydenites were being purged of life. But there was one man who has been waiting for an excuse to stand against Arcoh the Eminent.”

“Just one man?”

I slung my arm around his shoulder and he nodded ahead of us.

“Heh, well more than one. He wants to see you right away, so let’s not keep him waiting.”

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