Imagine for a second a world where you can truly live however you desire. Can you imagine planning the age you want to die, or living as gluttonous or as dangerous as you like without reaping those consequences?

Quasi-immortality will be within our grasp soon, as so will the trails of acceptance that come along with it. A great war, a leap in human evolution brought on by technology, and a journey that will change the perspectives of entire worlds. Change is coming, and all of it lies inside, here.


I always tell people that I’m on a constant expedition for inspiration. So besides spending time with my friends, family, and working, I live for entertainment.

It’s a source of happiness, and I can always turn to it when my life seems to take difficult turns. I take it in from all sides – from music festivals to movie openings to helping those of my friends that are aspiring artists as well – I live for it.

I live for it because I believe in its importance. Stories are the most powerful influence mankind has ever created.

I have been writing A New Divide and all of its side stories for nearly 10 years, and now I have a finished product.

My mission is to hopefully inspire all of you as much as you inspire me.

This is the home page of A New Divide and I hope all of you who visit take the time to check out the blog. Every week a new excerpt of A New Divide will be posted, in chronological order, from beginning to end. Enjoy and keep spreading your love and creativity to all.

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